Foreword 5
Sáringer, G.: Tibor Jermy academician is 85 years old 9
A short scientific biography of Tibor Jermy 15
A complete list of publication of Tibor Jermy in a chronological order 19
Sáringer, G.: The years spent by Tibor Jermy academician in Keszthely (1952-1967) 33
Vajna, L.: Personal remembrance of Tibor Jermy as a director 43
Nagy, B.: T. Jermy's contributions to the field of biological control 49
Szentesi, Á.: Insect-plant relationship - chance and necessity 55
Balázs, K.: Tibor Jermy, founder of researches in agro-ecosystems in Hungary 73
Szentkirályi, F.: Fifty-year-long insect survey in Hungary: T. Jermy's contributions to light-trapping 85
Tóth, M.: Pheromone studies at the Plant Protection Institute, Budapest, during the last quarter of the past century 107
Bernays, E. A. and Singer, M.: Contrasted foraging tactics in two species of polyphagous caterpillars 117
Fekete, G., Molnár, Zs., Kun, A. and Z. Botta-Dukát, Z.: On the structure of the Pannonian forest steppe: grasslands on sand 137
Imrei, Z. and Tóth, M.: European common cockchafer (Melolontha melolontha L.): preliminary results of attraction to green leaf odours 151
Kozár, F. and Konczné Benedicty, Zs.: Jermycoccus boliviensis genus and species nova (Homoptera: Coccoidea, Ortheziidae) 157
Mahunka, S.: Jermyia gen. n. and some new oppiid mites from Madagascar (Acari: Oribatida) 161
Molnár, I.: The reliability theoretical aspects of the biological continuity principles 177
Papp, L.: Dipterous guilds of small-sized feeding sources in forests of Hungary 197
Schoonhoven, L. M. and J. J. A. van Loon: An inventory of taste in caterpillars: each species its own key 215
Staedler, E., Baur, R. and Jong, R. de: Sensory basis of host-plant selection: in search of the "fingerprints" related to oviposition of the cabbage root fly 265
Ting, A., Ma, X. and Hanson, F. E.: Induction of feeding preference in larvae of the patch butterfly, Chlosyne lacinia 281
Voigt, E. and Tóth, M.: Perimeter trapping: a new means of mass trapping with sex attractant of Anomala scarabs 297