Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae


Bakonyi, G.: In Memoriam Sándor Mahunka 1
Mohammed O. Al-Jahdali: New intestinal trematodes from siganid fishes off the Saudi coast of the Red Sea 3
Kiss, O.: Three new species of Rhyacophila (Trichoptera, Rhyacophilidae) from Asia 13
Papp, L. and Gaimari, S. D.: The holotype of Homoneura grandis (Kertész, 1915) with description of a new species from Taiwan (Diptera, Lauxaniidae) 31
Görföl, T., Estók, P. and Csorba, G.: The subspecies of Myotis montivagus – Taxonomic revision and species limits (Mammalia: Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) 41
Jenser, G.: Iridothrips iridis (Watson, 1924) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae): an unusual species of thrips that lives in a subaquatic habitat 61
Nédli, J. and Forró, L.: Allozyme-based genetic variability of the Daphnia atkinsoni-bolivari species complex (Cladocera: Daphniidae) in the Hungarian Great Plain 67
Pogány, Á., van Dijk, R. E., Menyhárt, O., Miklósi, Á., DeVoogd, T. J. and T. Székely: Acoustic signalling in Eurasian Penduline Tits Remiz pendulinus: repertoire size signals male nest defence 81
Papp, J.: Eleven new Mirax Haliday, 1833 species from Colombia and Honduras and key to the sixteen Neotropical Mirax species (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Miracinae) 97
Yang, J. and Zhang, F.: Two new species of the genus Stenohya Beier from Yunnan, China (Pseudoscorpiones: Neobisiidae) 131
Dózsa-Farkas, K. and Schlaghamerský, J.: Hrabeiella periglandulata (Annelida: "Polychaeta") - do apparent differences in chaetal ultrastructure indicate the existence of several species in Europe? 143
Kováts, D., Végvári, Z. and Varga, Z.: Morphological patterns of a Nightingale population in a contact zone of Luscinia megarhynchos and L. luscinia 157
Niu, J. Y., Zou, Y. A., Yuan, X., Zhang, B. and Wang, T. H.: Waterbird distribution patterns and environmentally impacted factors in reclaimed coastal wetlands of the eastern end of Nanhui County, Shanghai, China 171
Makranczy, Gy.: Description of a new Anotylus species from Madagascar and the female of Anotylus flavipennis from Laos (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytelinae) 187
Liu, S.-S. and Ren, G.-D.: Taxonomy of the genus Blindus Mulsant et Rey from China, with description of two new species (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Pedinini) 197
Papp, L.: New species and records of Meoneura Rondani, 1856 from the Old World tropics (Diptera, Carnidae) 213
Papp, J.: Dacnusines from Korea: new and known species (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Alysiinae: Dacnusini) 229
Pandher, M. S. and Saini, M. S.: Three new species of genus Chimarra Stephens (Insecta: Trichoptera) from Indian Himalaya 267
Vili, N., Szabó, K., Kovács, Sz., Kabai, P., Kalmár, L. and Horváth, M.: High turnover rate revealed by non-invasive genetic analyses in an expanding Eastern Imperial Eagle population 279
Nojima, Y., Tsutsuki, K. and Oshida, T.: Effect of different soil horizons on distribution of Sorex species in Hokkaido, Japan 297
Csuzdi, Cs.: In memoriam Sándor Mahunka (1937–2012) 305
Coetzee, L.: New species of the genus Afroleius Mahunka, 1984 (Acari, Oribatida, Mycobatidae) from South Africa 307
Kontschán, J.: Species of the genus Trachytes Michael, 1894 (Acari: Uropodina: Trachytidae) of Romania 321
Niedbala, W. and Starý, J.: Contribution to the knowledge of ptyctimous mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Madagascar 337
Ujvári, Zs.: Review of the Nearctic genera Macrozercon Blaszak, 1976 and Microzercon Blaszak, 1976 (Mesostigmata: Zerconidae) 347
Szederjesi, T., Pavlícek, T. and Csuzdi, Cs.: New earthworm species from Jordan (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) 391
Dózsa-Farkas, K.: New Fridericia species (Oligochaeta: Enchytraeidae) from Vértes Mountains of Hungary 401

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