Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae

INDEX FOR VOLUME 54(1–4), 2008

Merkl, O. and Masumoto, K.: A review of Taiwanese Paramisolampidius (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae: Cnodalonini) 1
Papp, L.: Micromacrocera gen. n., the smallest macrocerine fly (Diptera: Keroplatidae, Macrocerinae) 13
Szita, É. and Logunov, D.: A review of the histrio group of the spider genus Philodromus Walckenaer, 1826 (Araneae, Philodromidae) of the Eastern Palaearctic Region 23
Elsasser, S. C. and Parker, G. H.: Morphometric criteria for distinguishing species and age-cohorts of Ermine (Mustela erminea) and Long-tailed weasel (M. frenata) 75
Golawski, A. and Golawska, S.: Habitat preference in territories of the Red-backed shrike Lanius collurio and their food richness in an extensive agriculture landscape 89
Guarino, F. M., GiÓ, I. Di and Sindaco, R.: Age structure in a declining population of Rana temporaria from northern Italy 99
Boros, G. and Dózsa-Farkas, K.: Marionina scintillans sp. n., a new enchytraeid species (Annelida: Oligochaeta) from Hungarian green houses 113
Mahunka, S.: A new genus and some other data of oribatids from Thailand (Acari: Oribatida) 125
Korsós, Z., Enghoff, H. and Chang, H. W.: A most unusual animal distribution pattern: a new siphonocryptid millipede from Taiwan (Diplopoda, Siphonocryptida) 151
Erõss, Z. P. and Petró, E.: A new species of the valvatiform hydrobiid genus Hauffenia from Hungary (Mollusca: Caenogastropoda: Hydrobiidae) 159
Muskó, I. B., Bence, M. and Balogh, Cs.: Occurrence of a new Ponto-Caspian invasive species, Cordylophora caspia (Pallas, 1771) (Hydrozoa: Clavidae) in Lake Balaton (Hungary) 169
Móra, A., Csépes, E., Tóth, M. and Dévai, Gy.: Spatio-temporal variations of macroinvertebrate community in the Tisza River (NE Hungary) 181
Pogány, Á., Altbäcker, V. and Székely, T.: Male signalling and dominance in the Penduline Tit Remiz pendulinus 191
Lanszki, J., Sugár, L., Orosz, E. and Nagy, D.: Biological data from post mortem analysis of otters in Hungary 201
Staniec, B. and Pietrykowska-Tudruj, E.: Morphology of developmental stages of Philonthus fumarius (Gravenhorst, 1806) (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) with notes on biology 213
Papp, L.: Afrotropical species of Chaetopodella Duda (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae) 235
Tartally, A. and Varga, Z.: Host ant use of Maculinea teleius in the Carpathian Basin (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) 257
Sólymos, P.: Quantitative biogeographic characterization of Hungary based on the distribution data of land snails (Mollusca, Gastropoda): a case of nestedness of species ranges with extensive overlap of biotic elements 269
Takács, P., Csoma, E., Erõs, T. and Sándor Nagy, A.: Distribution patterns and genetic variability of three stream-dwelling fish species

Cserkész, T., Gubányi, A. and Farkas, J.: Distinguishing Mus spicilegus from Mus musculus (Rodentia, Muridae) by using cranial measurements 305
Engel, M. S.: A new species of Ctenoplectrella in Baltic amber (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) 319
Roháček, J.: Revision of the genus Amygdalops Lamb, 1914 (Diptera, Anthomyzidae) of the Oriental, Australasian and Oceanian Regions 325
Batáry, P., Örvössy, N., Kõrösi, Á. and Peregovits, L.: Egg distribution of the Southern Festoon (Zerynthia polyxena) (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae) 401
Lin, G., Ci, H., Zhang, T. and Su, J.: Conformity to Bergmann"s rule in the Plateau Pika (Ochotona curzoniae Hodgson, 1857) on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau 411

INDEX FOR VOLUME 54(Supplement 1), 2008

INDEX FOR VOLUME 54(Supplement 2), 2008

Papp, L.: A review of the Old World Coproica Rondani, 1861 (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae), with descriptions of twelve new species 1
Papp, L.: New genera of the Old World Limosininae (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae) 47

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