Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae

INDEX FOR VOLUME 52(1–4), 2006

Kontschán, J.: Uropodina (Acari: Mesostigmata) species from Angola 1
Magowski, W. L. and Khaustov, A. A.: Ununguitarsonemus tremulae, a new species of tarsonemid mites (Acari: Heterostigmata) from Crimea, Ukraine 21
Csuzdi, Cs.: West African earthworm genus Millsonia Beddard, 1894 (Oligochaeta: Acanthodrilidae, Benhamiinae) reviewed and separation of a new genus 35
Passerin d"Entreves, P. and Roggero, A.: New and little-known species of scythridid moths collected by Z. Kaszab in Mongolia (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea, Scythrididae) 49
Sike, T. and Rózsa, L.: Owl pellet avoidance in Yellow-Necked Mice Apodemus flavicollis and House Mice Mus musculus 77
Vukicevic-Radic, O., Matic, R., Kataranovski, D. and Stamenkovic, S.: Spatial organization and home range of Apodemus flavicollis and A. agrarius on Mt. Avala, Serbia 81
Papp, L., Merz, B. and Földvári: Diptera of Thailand. A summary of the families and genera with references to the species representations 97
Mahunka, S.: Oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Venezuela, II. New or rare species from montane forests 271
Buhl, P. N.: Taxonomical and distributional notes on new and known Palaearctic platygastrid species (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) 287
Li, J. and Ren, G. D.: One new species of Episcapha (subgenus Ephicaspa Chûjô) (Coleoptera, Erotylidae, Megalodacnini) from China 313
Liao, J., Zhang, Z. and Liu, N.: Altitudinal variation of skull size in Daurian Pika (Ochotona daurica Pallas, 1868) 319
Bálint, Zs., Boyer, P., Dahners, H. W., Salazar-Escobar, J. A. & Kertész, K.: Comments on the systematics and natural history of Aveexcrenota, a genus of rare Andean Eumaeine Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera) 331
Arillo, A. and Subías, L. S.: A new oribatid genus and species, Balogheremaeus chimaera from southeastern Spain (Acariformes, Oribatida, Plateremaeidae) 353
Hartel, T. and Nemes, Sz.: Assessing the effect of toe clipping on the yellow bellied toads 359
Beasley, C. W., Kaczmarek, L. and Michalczyk, L.: Redescription of Doryphoribius vietnamensis (Iharos, 1969) (Tardigrada) comb. nov. on the basis of the holotype and additional material from China 367
László, Z. and Tóthmérész, B.: Inquiline effects on a multilocular gall community 373
Melika, G. and Gharaei, B.: New species of herb galling cynipids (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Aylacini) from Iran 385
Oláh, Gy. and Rózsa, L.: Nitrogen metabolic wastes do not influence drinking water preference in feral pigeons 401
Öztürk, M. O. and Altunel, F. N.: Occurrence of Dactylogyrus infection linked to seasonal changes and host fish size on four cyprinid fishes in Lake Manyas, Turkey 407
Trnka, A., Szinai, P. and Hosek, V.: Daytime activity of reed passerine birds based on mist-netting 417
Cumulative contents of Volume 52, 2006 425

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