Aims and Scopes

The Journal publishes novel and important original works having significance and relevance on animal systematics, taxonomy, ecology, genetics and conservation. Its scope will include first of all the following topics:

  • – animal systematics and taxonomy,
  • – zoogeography,
  • – animal evolution, ecology and behaviour,
  • – animal population biology and genetics,
  • – biodiversity studies and nature conservation problems of animals.
  • Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae prioritises reports of original research that are likely to change our thinking on current scientific evidences in any of the above mentioned fields, and publishes ecological (and evolutionary or behavioural) studies that are based on a hypothesis-driven framework. Critical review articles are very welcome. Short communications, checklists, catalogues, faunistic novelties or purely descriptive data are not in the focus in our publishing policy.

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    Last updated 1st March, 2017