Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 47(1), pp. 1–13, 2001

Title: Braconidae (Hymenoptera) from Korea XX. Alysiinae: Alysiini, Aspilota genus-group

Author: J. Papp

Author's address: Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum, Baross utca 13, H-1088 Budapest, Hungary

Abstract: Twenty-one alysiine species are reported from Korea: 11 Aspilota species (of which four are new to science) and 10 Dinotrema species. The new species are as follows: Aspilota aestiva sp. n., A. latipelus sp. n., A. longifemur sp. n. and A. semipilosa sp. n.; the new species are related to their nearest allies. The majority of the known species are new to the fauna of Korea. With 42 original figures.

Key words: Korea, Braconidae, new species, faunistics

Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 47(1), pp. 15–25, 2001

Title: Ortheziola of Asia with the descriptions of three new species, and world distribution of the genus (Homoptera: Coccoidea, Ortheziidae)

Authors: Kozár, F. and Zs. Konczné Benedicty

Authors' address: Plant Protection Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1525 Budapest P. O. Box 102, Hungary, E-mail:

Abstract: Three new Ortheziola species (O. peregovitsi, O. vietnamiensis, O. matskasii) are described from Asia. By these descriptions the number of the known Ortheziola species of the World increases to 23. Distribution records and zoogeographical considerations are given. The new species represent a link between the Palaearctic, Oriental and Ethiopian Regions. The records gave a new insight into the species richness of this genus in the World.

Key words: Homoptera, Coccoidea, Ortheziidae, Ortheziola, Asia, zoogeography

Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 47(1), pp. 27–85, 2001

Title: Taxonomic studies on the Eurasian Thyatiridae. Revision of Wernya Yoshimoto, 1987 generic complex and the genus Takapsestis Matsumura, 1933 (Lepidoptera)

Authors: László, Gy. M., G. Ronkay* and L. Ronkay**

Authors' addresses: H-8083 Csákvár, Gánti út 81, Hungary
*H-1137 Budapest, Szt. István krt 4, Hungary, E-mail:
**Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum, H-1088 Budapest, Baross u. 13, Hungary, E-mail:

Abstract: The present paper contains the revisions of the genus Wernya and the closely related two new genera, Hiroshia gen. n. and Chiropsestis gen. n. and the genus Takapsestis (s.l.) A new subgenus of Takapsestis, Neotakatogaria subgen. n., six new species (Wernya sechuana, W. witti, W. karsholti, W. griseochrysa, Chiropsestis rubrocinerea and Hiroshia albinigra spp. n.), and three new subspecies (Wernya thailandica pallescens, Takapsestis (T.) wilemaniella continentalis and T. (T.) wilemaniella plumbeata sspp. n.) are described. The taxonomic stati of certain taxa are revised, Neogaurena Roepke, 1944, is interpreted as a subgenus of Takapsestis, Wernya baenzigeri Yoshimoto, 1996, is considered as a species distinct from W. solena (Swinhoe, 1894); Takapsestis (Neogaurena) sumatrensis (Gaede, 1930) is downgraded to a subspecies of T. (N.) semiobsoleta (Warren, 1915). Three new synonymies are established, Takapsestis (T.) nepalensis Yoshimoto, 1992 and T. (T.) harutai Yoshimoto, 1994, are synonyms of T. (T.) bifasciata (Hampson, 1895); while T. (T.) griseata (Warren, 1915) is conspecific with T. (T.) orbicularis (Moore, 1888). With 89 figures.

Key words: Thyatiridae, new taxa, Himalayan winter and early spring fauna