Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 62 (1), pp. 1–58, 2016

Title: An overview of the Old World species of Pseudocollinella duda (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae) with description of a new subgenus

Author: László Papp

Author's address: H-1182 Budapest, Beremend u. 43, Hungary; E-mail:

Abstract: A new subgenus of Pseudocollinella Duda, Setiopacifrons subgen. n. (type species P. (Setiopacifrons) dupliciseta (Duda, 1925)) is described with five new species from the Afrotropical region (P. (S.) congoana sp. n., P. (S.) normalis sp. n., P. (S.) prima sp. n., P. (S.) setisternalis sp. n. and P. (S.) vulnerata sp. n.) and 11 new species from other Old World regions (P. (S.) communis sp. n. (Thailand), P. (S.) formosensis sp. n. (Taiwan), P. (S.) japonica sp. n., P. (S.) koreana sp. n., P. (S.) paradupliciseta sp. n. (Taiwan), P. (S.) pilitibia sp. n. (Thailand), P. (S.) setipuga sp. n. (Thailand), P. (S.) simplicisternum sp. n. (Taiwan), P. (S.) tercia sp. n. (Thailand), P. (S.) trifida sp. n. (Taiwan) and P. (S.) vietnamensis sp. n.). P. (Pseudocollinella) marshalli sp. n. and P. (P.) mongolica sp. n. are described from Mongolia. Spinotarsella Richards, 1929 has been reinstated as a subgenus of Pseudocollinella Duda, 1924 with the description of P. (Spinotarsella) pseudohumida sp. n. from the P. R. of China. Keys to the subgenera and to the species of Setiopacifrons are given. With 229 original figures.

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Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 62 (1), pp. 59–116, 2016

Title: Review of the genus Paraploderus Herman, 1970 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytelinae)

Author: György Makranczy

Author's address: Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum, H-1088 Budapest, Baross utca 13, Hungary; E-mail:

Abstract: The genus Paraploderus Herman, 1970 inhabits forested areas of the Afrotropical and Oriental regions and lives in wet, decaying plant material, most frequently leaf litter and is collected by sifting or at light. Fifteen species are recognized, the synonymies of Paraploderus parcepunctus (Fauvel, 1905) = Trogophloeus punctus Bernhauer, 1933, syn. n. and Paraploderus speculiventris (Fauvel, 1904) = Trogophloeus oxyteloides Cameron, 1925, syn. n. are proposed. Eleven species are described as new: Paraploderus fauveli sp. n. (Indonesia: Lombok), P. goergesae sp. n. (Indonesia: Maluku), P. grandis sp. n. (Kenya: Trans Nzoia), P. hammondi sp. n. (India: Tamil Nadu), P. leleupi sp. n. (Angola: Lunda Sul), P. loebli sp. n. (India: Uttarakhand), P. malgaceus sp. n. (Madagascar: Toamasina/Alaotra Mangoro), P. rufescens sp. n. (Uganda: Western prov.), P. schwendingeri sp. n. (Indonesia: West Sumatra prov.), P. thailandicus sp. n. (Thailand: Nakhon-Nayok prov.) and P. wittei sp. n. (D.R. Congo: Katanga). Lectotypes are designated for Trogophloeus oxyteloides Cameron, 1925, T. nigronitens Cameron, 1951, T. notabilis Cameron, 1950, Oxytelus parcepunctus Fauvel, 1905 and Haploderus speculiventris Fauvel, 1904. The genus is redescribed and relevant morphological details are illustrated. All fifteen species are shown on colour habitus photos, male and female genitalia plus certain details of male and female terminalia by line drawings. The suspected mature larva of Paraploderus rufescens is illustrated and discussed.

Key words: Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Oxytelinae, Paraploderus, Afrotropical region, Oriental region, Palaearctic region, key, new species, synonymy, lectotypes, larva.

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