Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 54 (Suppl. 2), pp. 1–45, 2008

Title: A review of the Old World Coproica Rondani, 1861 (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae), with descriptions of twelve new species

Author: Papp, L.

Author's address: Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum and Animal Ecology Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1088 Budapest, Baross u. 13, Hungary. E-mail:

Abstract: The Old World species of Coproica Rondani are reviewed in species groups. Five new Oriental species and seven new Afrotropical species are described. They are, Coproica aliena sp. n., C. bispinosa sp. n., C. saprophaga sp. n., C. thaii sp. n., C. unispinosa sp. n. (Oriental region), C. albiseta sp. n., C. brevivenosa sp. n., C. demeteri sp. n., C. flavifacies sp. n., C. microps sp. n., C. perlugubris sp. n., C. pseudolacteipennis sp. n. (Afrotropical region). Several new records are published, including C. lacteipennis Hayashi from India and C. rufifrons Hayashi from Croatia, Germany and Hungary. With 114 figures.

Key words: Sphaeroceridae, Coproica, new species, taxonomy, keys, Afrotropical region, Oriental region

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Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 54(Suppl. 2), pp. 47–209, 2008

Title: New genera of the Old World Limosininae (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae)

Author: Papp, L.

Author's address: Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum and, Animal Ecology Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1088 Budapest, Baross u. 13, Hungary, e-mail:

Abstract: Twenty-five new genera of the subfamily Limosininae from the Old World are described. They are, Afropterogramma gen. n. (type species A. minor sp. n.), Archipterogrammoides gen. n. (type species A. metatarsalis sp. n.), Australimosina gen. n., (type species Acuminiseta flaviterga Richards, 1973), Biconnecta gen. n. (type species B. mirabilis sp. n.), Cephalimosina gen. n. (type species C. simplicipes sp. n.), Chaetosifemur gen. n. (type species Ch. longiventre sp. n.), Eximilimosina gen. n. (type species Paralimosina eximia L. Papp, 1991 with E. elegantula (Duda, 1925), E. major sp. n., E. thailandica sp. n.), Giraffimyiella gen. n. (type species Leptocera giraffa Richards, 1938), Gonitella gen. n. (type species G. flavipes sp. n.), Minialula gen. n. (type species M. poeciloptera sp. n.), Mixolimosina gen. n. (type species M. orientalis sp. n.), Monorbiseta gen. n. (type species Leptocera (Limosina) monorbiseta Deeming, 1969), Paracuminiseta gen. n. (type species P. tetraspinosa sp. n.), Paramera gen. n. (type species P. robusta sp. n., with P. ornata sp. n.), Paraminilimosina gen. n. (type species P. miraculisterna sp. n., with P. elephantis sp. n.), Parapoecilosomella gen. n. (type species Limosina lusingana Vanschuytbroeck, 1959), Parapterogramma gen. n. (type species P. asiatica sp. n.), Piliterga gen. n. (type species P. thaii sp. n.), Pseudacuminiseta gen. n. (type species P. formosana sp. n.), Pseudaspinilimosina gen. n. (type species P. tanzan sp. n.), Pseudopterogramma gen. n. (type species Ps. siamensis sp. n., with Ps. insularis (L. Papp, 1972)), Rohacekia gen. n. (type species R. baechlii sp. n.), Setositibiella gen. n. (type species S. terrestris sp. n.), Thailimosina gen. n. (type species Th. maculata sp. n.), Trilobitella gen. n. (type species T. taiwanica sp. n.).

In addition, two new subgenera of Minilimosina Roháček, 1983: Sagittaliseta subgen. n. (type species M. (S.) siamensis sp. n.) and Amediella subgen. n. (type species M. (A.) endrodyi sp. n.), as well as a new subgenus of Phthitia Enderlein, 1938: Rufolimosina subgen. n. (type species Ph. (R.) ornata sp. n., with Ph. (R.) oswaldi L. Papp, new name for Leptocera (Scotophilella) rufa (Duda, 1925) are described.

Two former subgenera of Spelobia Spuler, 1925 have been elevated to genus rank: Bifronsina Roháček, 1983, stat. n. (with B. bifrons (Stenhammar, 1855) comb. n., B. elegantula sp. n., B. latitarsis sp. n., B. nepalensis sp. n., B. nigroscutellata (Duda, 1925), comb. n.) and Eulimosina Roháček, 1983, stat. n. (with E. ochripes (Meigen, 1830) comb. n., E. dudai (L. Papp, 1978) comb. n., E. oroszi sp. n., Eulimosina sp.). Acuminiseta Duda, 1925 is re-described (based on a re-description of its type species A. pallidicornis (Villeneuve, 1916) and A. ceropteroides sp. n.). The generic characters and status of Acuminiseta, Anommonia, Ceroptera, Spinilimosina are discussed. A key to the fully winged genera of the Old World Limosininae is given. With 329 figures on 63 + 2 photo plates.

Key words: Sphaeroceridae, Limosininae, new genera, Afropterogramma, Archipterogrammoides, Australimosina, Biconnecta, Cephalimosina, Chaetosifemur, Eximilimosina, Giraffimyiella, Gonitella, Minialula, Mixolimosina, Monorbiseta, Paramera, Paracuminiseta, Paraminilimosina, Parapoecilosomella, Parapterogramma, Piliterga, Pseudacuminiseta, Pseudaspinilimosina, Pseudopterogramma, Rohacekia, Setositibiella, Thailimosina, Trilobitella, Minilimosina (Sagittaliseta subgen. n.), Minilimosina (Amediella subgen. n.), Phthitia (Rufolimosina subgen. n.), 33 new species, taxonomy, Afrotropical region, Oriental region, Australia

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